Lulu is a professional percussionist, rhythmic guitarist, and lead singer. Gaining international recognition at an early age for playing traditonal Kibende music, Lulu has since created his own unique style of Afro-classical music over the past seven years. As various artists across genres fell in love with Lulu’s music, they formed the Zakaleo Band to support his vision and style. Together as Lulu and the Zakaleo Band, they are packed with a diverse fusion of world music – African classical, Lingala rumba, Caribbean, Reggae, Rock, Mbalak, Kwaito, and Benga – all under one roof.

Lulu has notably performed at Blankets and Wine I and II, Ilan Festival (Taiwan), Umoja Flying Carpet (Tanzania), Sarakasi Trust Forgotten Friday, Thursday Night Live at Choices, House of Jazz (MathewMatix events), and Tree House Nairobi Live.


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